UMCmarket Registration And Shopping Instructions

Step 1

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Click on the Register button below to navigate to the UMCmarket website.

Step 2

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In the upper, right-hand corner of the web page, click on the Register / Log In button.

Step 3

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Fill in the information requested on the registration form and click the Register button. That's all there is to it to join.

Log in to the site and continue with the following steps to configure the site to submit the commission for your online shopping to Maynard Avenue UMC.

Step 4

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Once logged into the site, click on the Organizations tab in the upper left part of the web page.

Step 5

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On the Organizations tab, enter Maynard Avenue in the search dialog on the top right-hand part of the web page and then click the Search button.

Step 6

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Once the Maynard Avenue organization displays, click on the name to select it.

Step 7

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Click on the green Join Organization button to select Maynard Avenue UMC as your church of choice to donate your online shopping commissions to.

Step 8

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To begin shopping, click on the Store tab. You can then find a store by either browsing by category or searching for the desired store.

Step 9

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Once you have found your desired store, verify that Maynard Avenue is selected under the My donations goes to prompt and then click to start shopping. You will be on the selected retail shop's website, so continue to shop as you normally would.